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If You Are Looking for Automation Companies in India Then Deming Way Is the Right Solution for You.

Over the period of time we have gained hands on experience in Industrial Automation. We have completed more than 29 customized automation projects for Automation Companies in India. We understand the customer's need and to provide better automation solutions.

How we undertake projects?

For every project, we want to do our homework on all the four parameters before saying yes or no. Once we know we can address all the four parameters for the new project, for our customer and for us? Then only we undertake the project in our hand for serving. Because of this process today we are top for Automation Companies in India.

Return On Investment

To our customers as well as us

Return Of Impact

To our customers as well as us

Return On Imagination

To our customers as well as us

Return On Efforts

To our customers as well as us

Our Advisors

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John Hunter

Executive Director

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Kevin Cahill


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Harry William

Executive Director

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Bill Hunter


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Peter Sandra

Ideation Tools

Map The Unmap

Find everything about the process from start to finish. Right down the entire process. Read More..

Unmap The Unused Map

Find everything that is being unused, unuseful and meaningless in the entire process from start to finish. Read More..


Find the knowledge residing in human used while completing the process from start to finish. Read More..

Start With Why And What?

Ask the process of why the process is there in the first place. Then ask what if the process is not there? Read More..

Begin With End And Always Think Of Win-Win Situation

Before the project is started? Start with results. Read More..

Prepare The Checklist

Once the project is awarded? Prepare the checklist for every task. Share the checklist with all the users including decision makers. Read More..

Connect The Dots

Once the checklist is ready. Then connect the dots all from one to six and start the project. Read More..

Above 7 ideation tools for the below mentioned 4 steps

1. Generate requirement gathering

2. Generate scope document

3. Create a paper prototype

4. Delivery and deploy final rollout

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