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Our aim to provide reliable and efficient automation solutions to our customer's and exceed every customer’s expectations in Home Automation Company in India. We can undertake complete responsibility of automation process as per customer’s requirement. We have been providing specific solution involving industrial, retail and home automation Company in India.

Home Automation Company in India Automation Companies in India

We believe in inspiration and so does our business.

Automation The Deming Way India LLP is inspired by two humans. One was born in India and second was born in the USA. Respective names are (Late) Mrs. Mangala Narayan Phadke and (Late) Mr. William Edward Deming. (Late) Mrs. Phadke is the mother of Mr. S M N Phadke.

Mr. Phadke is Co-founder of Automation The Deming Way India LLP.

Mrs. Phadke became an orphan child at the age of two. She lost both the parents. Since then she lived in many homes in various locations in State of Karnatak and in State of Maharashtra. Over and above, she born only with one hand. She lost her right hand as she became victim of polio.

Those days, there was no medicine available in State of Karnatak. However and all along till her death, she fought with this physical inability of only one hand and she completed every task in hand in her home without any complaint, without any criticism and without blaming her luck, fate, religion, caste, parents, etc.

Mr. Phadke (being son) watched her and observed her till her death. Mr. Phadke wanted to help his mother. He could not. However, when Mr. Phadke became an adult and he started earning professionally! His mother and her ideas helped Mr. Phadke to handle the daily challenges faced by Mr. Phadke in home and in his profession. Gradually Mr. Phadke’s mother became the greatest inspiration for him to solve any problem faced by him in his home, in his profession, in Indian society, and in India.

The lifelong inspiration for Mr. Phadke

Mr. Phadke’s mother became the greatest inspiration for him.

Mr. William Deming thinking and his working style inspiration for Mr. Phadke.

Home Automation Company in India Automation Companies in India

In this journey, one day, one of the customer to whom Mr. Phadke was helping them to solve business process problem? The customer commented to Mr. Phadke and said to him “Mr. Phadke your thinking and your working style is like Mr. William Deming.”

That was the first day when Mr. Phadke heard Mr. William Edward Deming name for the first time. Post to that, Mr. Phadke started reading about Mr. William Deming. In reading, Mr. Phadke found an inspirational message and that message was preached by Mr. Phadke’s mother in India. The message is very simple.

“ Unless and until you understand the complete process from start to finish? Do not start work. ”

Above message preached by Mr. Phadke’s mother time & again in his home while he was learning how to clean, how to wash clothes, how to cook, how to cut vegetables, how to buy grocery, how to stich, etc.

Mr. Phadke found inspirational connecting dots between his mother’s preaching and Mr. William Deming’s thinking and his theory about process. That is how; Mr. William Deming name, his thinking, and his theory became the lifelong inspiration for Mr. Phadke.

Using Mr. William Deming’s thinking and theory! Mr. Phadke delivered more than 29 customized automation projects from FY 2005 until FY 2011 for Indian manufacturing companies. Knowledge gained, earned, and received in all the projects, became the foundation for floating Automation The Deming Way India LLP Indian startup business firm. It is one of the best home automation company in India