Are You Looking Successful Industrial Automation Company in India? Then You Are Come to Right Place.

Automation The Deming Way is specialized by providing automation services to industrial automation company in India. We are committed to creating innovative solutions to our client and delivering highest quality of automation solutions. We use our technologies and knowledge to complete projects based on client needs.

How Do We Work?

For every project, we want to do our homework (first) on all the below four parameters before saying yes or no. Once we know we can address all the four parameters for the new project, for our customer and for us? Then only we undertake the project in our hand for serving. Because of this process today we are the top for Industrial Automation Company in India.

Return on investment

Return on imagination

Return of impact

Return on efforts

We Use The Following Ideation Tools

Find everything about the process from start to finish. Right down the entire process. Right now small and major milestones. Right down input. Right down output. Capture the time. Capture how human actually handle the process from start to finish. Find flaws if any. Find errors if any. Find duplication of the task if any.
Find everything that is being unused, unuseful and meaningless in the entire process from start to finish.
• Find the knowledge residing in human used while completing the process from start to finish.
• Study the law if not used.
• Study the rules if not followed
• Study the compliances if not followed.
• Document it.
• Ask the process of why the process is there in the first place.
• Then ask what if the process is not there?
• Then ask what if the process is redefined?
• What happens when the process is redefined?
• What happens when the process is modified?
• What happens when the process is fine-tuned?
• What happens when the new process is introduced replacing the old process?
• If any of the answers are benefiting the process and human, associated? Do it.
Industrial Automation Company in India

Begin With End And Always Think Of Win-Win Situation

• Before the project is started? Start with results.
• Discuss end results with all the stakeholders/users of the entire process.
• Discuss end results with the decision makers.
• Once all of them agree? Then only undertake the project.
• If one or more users including the decision, makers are not agreeing with the proposed project. Do not undertake the project.

Prepare The Checklist

Once the project is awarded? Prepare the checklist for every task. Share the checklist with all the users including decision makers. Discuss, debate and freeze the checklist.

Connect The Dots

Once the checklist is ready. Then connect the dots all from one to six and start the project. Once the project is started. The only checklist to be granted. All oral talks must be treated as a complete lie. Add awards/punishment in the checklist.